Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Year, More Divorce Filings

According to a recent article from MarketWatch.com, divorce filings increase in January of each year.  The article outlines the reasons for swells in divorce filings such as the desire to start the new year with a "fresh start." 

Perhaps more importantly, the article discusses the three (3) professionals that a person considering divorce should consult with prior to filing:

Don’t file divorce papers without first researching the financial and legal implications. Seek out three professionals, Kessler says: A psychologist to help you make sure that you are making a clear-headed choice, a certified financial planner to outline the financial implications, and a divorce lawyer who can prepare you for all that is to come

 Clients should arm themselves with as much knowledge as possible before filing for divorce which is why consulting with a psychologist, a financial planner, and a divorce attorney make perfect sense.  In addition, the more information that you can provide to your attorney before filing your divorce case, the easier and more cost-efficient your divorce case can be.  Clients should be financially, emotionally, and legally guarded prior to filing.